• By mid-2018, Clarksville will house Arkansas's third largest Solar Power Plant!
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    Clarksville is Going Solar

       Thanks to the efforts of Clarksville Light and Water and Scenic Hills Solar, by mid-2018, Clarksville will house a 42-acre solar power plant visible from I-40.
       Approximately 20,000 panels will be in use. The module design will allow them to track the sun’s movement for maximum kilowatt production during the daylight hours and especially at peak times. They are designed to allow energy storage units to be connected when it becomes technologically and economically feasible. 
    The developer, Scenic Hills Solar, is investing approximately $10 million in private capital into the project. CLW’s investment is limited only to the land purchase. It will be directly connected to CLW’s grid, and they will buy all of the output over the next 30 years at a flat rate. CLW will have the option to buy and own the plant after 7 years. 
       While the rate is comparable to what CLW currently pays for energy, it lowers the demand costs and transmission expenses, and leads to a net reduction in CLW’s cost to purchase power. Those savings will be passed on to customers and to the community. There is set to be approximately $500,000 in annual savings for CLW customers. However, the project has an even bigger economic impact, as Clarksville is gaining national recognition for its efforts in becoming a more technologically progressive community. 

    New Capital Investment

       Farm Credit of Western Arkansas is a member-owned financial services cooperative that provides credit and financial management services to agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and rural residents. It was announced last month that Farm Credit is building a new branch in Clarksville.
       Not only will this branch bring new career opportunities to Clarksville, it will also help local agricultural producers thrive. However, the economic impact does not end there. 
       Farm Credit chose a local contracting company to build the branch – Horn & Son Construction. Farm Credit’s capital investment in Clarksville is over $750,000. 

    Broadband to Bring Downtown Revitalization

       Thanks to John Lester’s efforts at Clarksville Light & Water to install fiber internet around town, Clarksville has been chosen as a Cool and Connected affiliate. 
       Cool and Connected is a program derived from a partnership between the EPA and the USDA dedicated to using broadband internet to revitalize downtowns. 
       In June, members of the EPA and USDA travelled to Clarksville to educate members of the community on the program. Participants chose which projects will have the most positive impact on the community, and strategized to make the project plans a reality. The projects consisted of improving the tourism aspect of the town, working to solidify the relationship between Clarksville and the University of the Ozarks, and ways to incentivize new business in Clarksville.


    Peach Festival Schedule of Events


    Wednesday, July 19

    9:00 PM – Movie Night – First United Methodist Church Parking Lot


    Thursday, July 20

    10:00 AM – Craft Booths & Concession Stands – Court Square

    6:00 PM – Johnson County Idol – Court Square

    8:00 PM – Entertainment ft. Bree Ogden Band – Court Square


    Friday, July 21

    9:00 AM – Craft Booths & Concession Stands – Court Square

    – Diaper Derby – Court Square

    10:00 AM – Bicycle Obstacle Course – Fair Grounds

    – Helicopter Tours – Behind Library

    11:00 AM – Pocket Car Race – Court Square

    12:00 PM  - Water Balloon Toss – Court Square

    1:00 PM – Peach Pie Eating Contest – Courthouse Lobby

    – Peach Cobber Bake-Off & Jam/Jelly Contest – Courthouse

    2:00 PM – Frozen T-Shirt Contest – Court Square

    3:00 PM – Kids’ Zone – First United Methodist Church Parking Lot

    5:00 PM – Skateboard Competition – Skate Park

    6:00 PM – Street Dance ft. On the Verge – Court Square

    9:00 PM – Entertainment ft. TypsyGypsy – Court Square


    Saturday, July 22

    7:00 AM – 4-Mile Run/Walk – Court Square

    – Fishing Derby – Cline Park

    8:00 AM – Cardboard Boat Regatta – Legion Hut

    9:00 AM – Greased Pig Chase – Court Square

    – Kids’ Zone – First United Methodist Church

    – Craft Booths & Concession Stands – Court Square

    10:00 AM – Helicopter Tours – Behind Library

    – Frog Jump – Court Square

    – So You Think You Can Text – Peach Fest Booth

    – Johnson County Car & Truck Club – Hurley’s

    11:00 AM – Terrapin Derby – Court Square

    12:00 PM – Bed Races – Sevier Street

    1:00 PM – Peach Pit Spitting Contest – Court Square

    2:00 PM – Peach Eating Contest – Court Square

    3:00 PM – Smash-Up Derby – Fair Grounds

    4:00 PM – Lip Sync Contest – Court Square

    5:00 PM – Johnson County Idol – Court Square

    7:00 PM – Parade – Main Street

    8:00 PM – Teen Dance – Court Square